The roof space in most houses is suitable for conversion to an attic. Most housing developments in Malaysia typically have a higher pitched roof, providing more space for conversion to an attic. Another option is a roof extension, which will provide even more space and options for your living space including balconies and multiple rooms.

An attic conversion will cost substantially less than an extension to your house and can provide you with additional living or storage space for a fraction of the cost moving or extending. As an additional benefit to your project we supply our work on a fixed price contract.

Each conversion is different and the length of time will depend on the amount of work undertaken. A guide would be 6-12 weeks for duration of work.

We have full architectural design and council liaison services and will take care of all the details of your council application and approval.

The building regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings, primarily to ensure the safety and health for people in or around those buildings, but also for energy conservation and access to and about buildings.

We are one of the pioneer attic conversion company in Malaysia and have been in business for over 10 years and have more than 18 year’s combined experience. As one of Malaysia’s leading attic design company we pioneered the modification of roof space into rooms. This process was then adapted to “on-roof construction” and includes other integrated roof shapes. We have searched the world for better attic ideas/design/ products to give our clients the finish and comfort they deserve.

The Attic Room Design employs all trades to take your conversion from initial design through to completion. However you may appoint your plumber/technician if you prefer.

The Attic Room Design accesses the attic via the scaffolding on the outside of the property and builds the conversion to a near finished stage. At this point our workmen install the new staircase and the attic is plastered and the final details added. Generally 4 to 8 weeks access via the scaffolding and the last week we will need to access the conversion via the existing stairs / hallway.

You may view our showroom to confirm our professional build quality.

In short – nothing. Everything will be dealt with on your behalf by The Attic Room Design.

Yes, we are also general builders and can carry out any ground floor work or excavation that may be needed.

Call us on  +603-8071 3890 to arrange for an attic appraisal – (Site Inspection)
One of our designers will come out and see you, prepare a sketch and quotation to leave you with. Otherwise, we invite you to come and visit our showroom and browse through photos and see our range of products on display. Our work is supplied on a fixed price contract. Call us to discuss how we can help you increase the space in your home. Why Move? There Is a Better Alternative! Don’t Move Out – Move Up!