We offer pre-construction services to plan the steps of a project, ensuring proper flow while stressing the client’s desires, time frame, and budget. This process can always vary for different projects, but will start with a consultation. We use CAD to design plans, and our design and planning teams work together prior to construction to determine construct ability. We will always look at the design and do our best to suggest alternate ideas that will provide you the absolute best for your specific budget.

Metal/Wood Framing

We offers metal and wood framing services, so whatever your project calls for, we have the capability to deliver with dependable materials and trusted work. Our solid framing structures are designed for residential and commercial build outs as well as damage restoration and repair. We also offer remodeling framing services, such as structural repairs, wall removal, and wall additions.

Installation and Finishing

From commercial and residential new construction to repairs and remodeling, the contractors at The Attic Room Design have the skill and attention to detail needed to complete a beautiful installation. We ensure your job is done correctly the first time, giving your interiors the look you need with a guarantee you can count on. Our drywall finishing services re top-notch and meticulous, as this is the final part of the walls and what will be seen.

Painting and Specialty Wall Coatings

We offer various painting techniques and finishes to complete any space, including eggshell, flat, semi-gloss, shine, and high-gloss all with expert knowledge on the right finish for the right space. Our preparation ensure a clean job with optimal results. Some of our specialty wall coatings include waterproofing, non-yellowing, and high performance durable finishing.

Acoustic Ceilings

The Attic Room Design is a licensed contractor for the installation of acoustic ceilings and acoustic sound panels. Also referred to as acoustic drop or suspended ceilings, they are ideal for noise and sound control and perfect for commercial spaces such as office buildings. We specialize in not only custom installation and design, but repair and maintenance of your ceiling project.

Windows, Doors and Hardware

We offers professional installation of industry standard hollow metal door frames to meet applicable building codes. Interior and exterior wooden door installation services are available, as well as various hardware installation and repair services. We also offers installation and replacements on windows, ensuring comfort, value, and aesthetics.


Our in house carpet installation guarantees a durable, fitted, and professional finish for commercial and residential projects. For high traffic areas requiring an ease of maintenance, we offer installation of vinyl composition tile, or VCT, perfect for commercial and education buildings. Additionally, ceramic tile installation is available for commercial grade durability, strength, and visual appeal.

EIFS / Dryvit Installation

We offer complete installation of exterior insulation finishing systems (or EIFS) to provide your exterior walls with a waterproof finished surface. Some of our EIFS variants include plastic edge trim, water-resistive barriers, a drainage cavity, and other accessories.

Rough and Finish Carpentry Work

Our contractors are well versed in building codes, structural construction, design, and engineering principles. We have the capabilities to complete all project sizes, from rough frame work to complex and intricate finish jobs such as trim and casing around joints and building shelving and closets. Whether you need only rough or finish, or if you need work completed beginning to end, The Attic Room Design can be your go-to contractor.

Green Building Construction

Using all aspects of The Attic Room Design green building construction process, we are able to provide our clients with sustainable and energy efficient contracting services. Our process includes a conscious reduction of building material waste, conservation of energy, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Benefits of The Attic Room Design construction include the possibility to qualify for tax allowances, zoning accommodations and increased asset value.

Exterior Rough Carpentry

The Attic Room Design offers experienced exterior rough carpentry, and can preform all phases of early building construction to form the structural walls, floors and roofing. Exterior rough services include, but are not limited to, sub-flooring, framing, exterior staircases, roof trusses and sheathing. We will ensure your project will exceed building codes and regulations, and be completed with skill and professionalism.