Attic Conversions – Success Stories #1
This month Attic Conversions, we decided that we would feature success stories from customers of ours who we briefly interviewed to as certain how their attic conversions went and how they feel about the work now that it is completed. To begin with, we interviewed a customer who had contact with The Attic Room Design. You will notice that we have asked all the questions you might be itching to ask about attic conversion!
1. You have had a great attic conversion, what do you think of our roof windows?
They are as good as any roof windows on the market today. The quality speaks for itself as you can see. The amount of light they introduce is fantastic.
2. Are you happy with the quality of work carried out by The Attic Room Design?
Absolutely, they are so efficient and helpful.
3. Are The Attic Room Design Competitive?
Very, they were the best quote I got, and quality is not compromised
4. Why did you decide to have a Attic Conversion?
We had one in our last house and it really helps as we have a big family, I have four children.
5. When was the Attic Conversion done?
Middle of August 2011
6. What was the process of having a Attic Conversion, is it a long one?
Simply apply to the council, once approved, get some quotes in and choose your builder, we chose Gunalan at The Attic Room Design, he came recommended and he is competitive, its not a long process at all.
7. How easy is it to have a Attic Conversion?
Gunalan at The Attic Room Design completed it; he is so knowledgeable within the industry. So really simple – we did not really have to think about it!
8. What difference has the Attic Conversion made?
The attic is away from the rest of the house so its like my own haven, so I find that I sleep better as its so away and peaceful.
9. Would you recommend The Attic Room Design?
Oh definately.
Attic Conversions – Success Stories #2
Next up to feature is Mr Ahmad. Not only did he have attic conversion done, but interestingly also had a toilet installed in his new extension. Mr Ahmad had work done in his attic a while ago, and we felt it would be interesting to feature someone who had been able to enjoy the attic conversion for an extended period. Again, a number of questions were put to Mr Ahmad, which give an interesting insight into what it means to have a attic conversion, and general improvements made to your home.
1. How did you choose your attic converter?
We had heard various recommendations from people, and The Attic Room Design also had an easy to use website ( They were quick and courteous, and the lead-time was not as long as other quotes we were given. We got 2 or 3 quotes, and once we found a company who we thought were right on price and approach we decided to go ahead, in this case it was The Attic Room Design.
2.What went into getting the conversion?
To be honest once we had decided which company to use the rest is all pretty much built into the price. We received quotes, which ranged from the reasonable to the ridiculous. It is certainly worth shopping around. The lead-time on the attic conversion was 6 months; I think this is pretty typical. There are initially plans and drawings to be done, but the quote was free.
3. How long did it take?
Once work began, it was all finished in 6 weeks and The Attic Room Design Team did work extremely hard. I think they have some typical styles and ideas that they do for different houses, so they can be quite efficient and they really know what they’re doing.
4. Do you think it has added value to your house?
Yes…well I would think so. The house has trebled in value in the last 2 years and with the attic conversion, I think at worst I can expect to make my money back.
5. Are there other benefits you have noticed?
Well, apart from the obvious thing that we have much more space, it also seems to have ‘de cluttered’ my house a great deal. It’s also nice to think that the space we had up there was completely wasted before.
6. Tell us about the other work you had done.
Once we had the attic conversion done we wanted to increase the amount of space and light we had in. Again we used The Attic Room Design, and they installed some roof window at the stairway, attic toilet and study rooms, which really increased the light we have available to us. One is above the study room, and one is above the toilet. We also wanted some blinds for our windows sometime after the attic work was finished, so we popped down to The Attic Room Design show unit, where they were really friendly and gave us great advice to ensure we got the blinds we wanted.
7. So, you would recommend an attic conversion?
Oh yes!
Attic Conversions – Success Stories #3
Mr Said who added a bedroom and bathroom to his 3 bedroom terraced house, was keen to help us illustrate the benefits of an attic conversion, and how it has improved his living space. We asked Mr Said some of the questions we all might ask when considering an Attic Conversion.
1. How long did the process take?
The decision process was easy. We have lived in this house for almost 8 years, and had been interested in having an attic conversion for about 3 of those years. The time had not been right until now, and once we decided to go ahead, the development went through quite quickly. The plans were drawn up in about July or August last year, and the work got underway in December. The whole conversion was completed inside 5 weeks, and we finished in January.
2. How did you go about getting the Attic Conversion?
It is something we had talked about, and it was obvious that we could use the extra space, and I really needed an office as I work a lot from home. The route we took was to search in internet, but you are never really sure what you are going to get. We received 2 or 3 quotes, which all varied, and ended up using a company called The Attic Room Design. Actually I had seen their vans in the area and heard good things about the company. They were not the most expensive and they were not the cheapest, but somewhere in the middle.
3. Why did you want an Attic Conversion?
The main reason for having the attic conversion was to add extra space to the house, although we also sought advice from various estate agents who assured us we were guaranteed to get what we invested back. A house with a attic conversion is always going to be more attractive to a prospective buyer than a similar one in the same street without one. Apart from the office for myself we also wanted to create a new space for our son. Now he has got his own space, his own bathroom, even a toilet, and is almost self-sufficient!
4. Is the Attic Conversion costly?
I think our attic conversion is worth the money we spent. The initial quotes did vary, but for the money we spent, we feel it was good value and we got a brand new bedroom and bathroom in an otherwise unused space!
5. What kind of a difference has it made to your house?
The difference is massive. It has really revolutionised my house. There is now far more space and ventilation, and all the rooms in the house now feel cooler due mainly to the insulation that was fitted in. The attic roof windows that was fitted add so much light, and we were always interested in the extra ventilation these would provide. What is even more satisfying to know is that we are no longer wasting any space in the house! There are no arguments over the bathroom anymore, and although it seems a small thing, it makes a big difference.
6. Are there any down sides to having an attic conversion?
I would say the only downside is that we wished we had done it earlier. Its one of those things that you look back on, when you have it done you always think, should have done it earlier! I suppose the other downside was the amount of rubbish we had to clear out of the attic, you never realise how much stuff and dust you collect over the years.
7. Finally would you recommend an attic conversion to someone else?
Most definitely, the sooner you can make the investment, the better. Our thanks go out to Mr. Gunalan from The Attic Room Design Team and we hope you can go on to enjoy many more attic conversion projects.
Attic Conversions – Success Stories #4
Mrs. Shean and her family have recently completed a delightful attic conversion. The new conversion features a beautifully finished large bedroom and bathroom. Like so many people who have had an attic conversion, the real reason behind it was to add some much needed space to the house.
1. What made you consider an attic conversion and what was the process?
When my family moved to our new house it was clear that some more space would eventually be needed. One of my daughters had to settle for the maid’s room which understandably with 3 teenage daughters was not ideal. We had thought that there was a problem with space, but was not really sure what the solution would be until I stumbled across The Attic Room Design webpage, which detailed the entire process of getting an attic conversion, and the improvements that an attic conversion can make both in terms of space, and adding value to a property. From that point on, we were convinced that an attic conversion was the answer to their space problems, not to mention the little issue of sharing a bathroom.Once we had decided we needed an attic conversion, it was a matter of what we would have up there. The family decided that the best option was to have a large  bedroom and en suite bathroom. This is the usual solution to space problems, as the new conversion often becomes the master bedroom.

We already knew who we wanted to do our attic work, The Attic Room Design. Once the attic conversion had been completed, the transformation was amazing. Suddenly everyone had more space, more privacy, more peace, and there were less arguments, especially over the bathroom.

We moved up to the newly converted attic to take up residence in the master suite, whilst one of our girls moved into our old bedroom.

It is very important to trust your attic converter, and I am happy with the way The Attic Room Design team conducted themselves throughout. If you are interested in having an attic conversion done or even just an attic ladder or roof window installed, in fact anything to do with the attic, you can check out their webpage or call them and you will be amazed with what they can offer.